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Medical Billing Specialties We Serve

  • Audiology: You help your patients with their hearing; we'll help you with your audiology office's medical billing!
  • Chiropractic: Helping your patients feel great should be your only concern, so we'll take care of all your billing concerns!
  • Family Medicine: From routine checkups to delivering babies, your office does it all – let us help you with your billing concerns!
  • Neurology: You didn't attend years in medical school to file paperwork and claims – hire us to do your billing concerns for you!
  • Occupational Therapy: You're dedicated to help your patients heal; we're dedicated to help you with your billing duties!
  • Ophthalmology: While you help your patients see well, we'll help you with your billing duties for your ophthalmology office!
  • Pediatric: Helping children is your number one priority; helping you with your pediatric billing concerns is ours!
  • Physical Therapy: Focus on providing remediation for your patients, not processing paperwork and billing reports!
  • Physician Billing: Help us help you help your patients by using our physician billing services!
  • Psychiatry: Put the mental health of your patients first – we'll handle all the medical billing work so you don't have to!
  • Radiology: Leave the billing duties up to us so you can focus on what is really important: diagnosing and helping your patients!
  • Sleep Medicine: You will sleep easy knowing that your medical duties are in good hands with us!

Pediatric Billing

pediatric-billing-outsourcingOur electronic medical billing services are available for all pediatricians nationwide! Most parents will agree that pediatric doctors are one of the most essential doctors out there. From routine checkups to surgery, pediatric practitioners do it all when it comes to treating children.

With all your job duties as pediatricians, there is no surprise that you are oftentimes overwhelmed by paperwork. So, as one of the top medical billing companies in the country, we are here to help. Pediatrics is a specialty that requires inputting coding and services properly onto the HCFA claim forms, and without proper knowledge of ICD-9 codes and CPT codes, your practice may lose a lot of hard earned revenue. Likewise we will take care of all of the collections on past due accounts. We have developed multiple relationships with processors who specialize in collection companies.

Don't risk a loss of revenue – save money by choosing Allstate as your outsourced medical billing service! We will take care of all of your medical billing needs in a precise and timely manner, while relieving your stress and allowing you to focus on your patients.

Save Time and Cash by Outsourcing Pediatric Billing

pediatric-billingWhen you were attending medical school, you probably were not expected to have to deal with tedious paperwork and billing issues, so why should you have to?  With the help of our top-notch pediatric billing outsource team, you will never have to worry about these menial tasks ever again.

Along with saving you time, Allstate will also save you money due to reduced expenses.  When switching to outsourced pediatric billing, your medical office will save approximately $24,000!  There is no denying that saving money is a positive initiative for any type of company, so considering outsourcing with Allstate is a perfect idea.

If your staff is over worked and you are not getting enough revenue from your medical office, then switching to Allstate is your best option!  Fill out our free consultation form and get started today!