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Medical Billing Specialties We Serve

  • Audiology: You help your patients with their hearing; we'll help you with your audiology office's medical billing!
  • Chiropractic: Helping your patients feel great should be your only concern, so we'll take care of all your billing concerns!
  • Family Medicine: From routine checkups to delivering babies, your office does it all – let us help you with your billing concerns!
  • Neurology: You didn't attend years in medical school to file paperwork and claims – hire us to do your billing concerns for you!
  • Occupational Therapy: You're dedicated to help your patients heal; we're dedicated to help you with your billing duties!
  • Ophthalmology: While you help your patients see well, we'll help you with your billing duties for your ophthalmology office!
  • Pediatric: Helping children is your number one priority; helping you with your pediatric billing concerns is ours!
  • Physical Therapy: Focus on providing remediation for your patients, not processing paperwork and billing reports!
  • Physician Billing: Help us help you help your patients by using our physician billing services!
  • Psychiatry: Put the mental health of your patients first – we'll handle all the medical billing work so you don't have to!
  • Radiology: Leave the billing duties up to us so you can focus on what is really important: diagnosing and helping your patients!
  • Sleep Medicine: You will sleep easy knowing that your medical duties are in good hands with us!

Medical Billing FAQ's

questions about medical billingIf our informative website left you with some questions about our services or about how outsourced medical billing works, then hopefully this list of frequently asked questions will be of assistance to you.

Whether you're looking for answers to your general medical billing questions, or you have questions about our Allstate Billing company, you are sure to find the answers here!

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed on this page, then feel free to contact us toll free at 800-991-5731 or email us at – we are happy to answer all your inquiries!

Answers to Medical Billing Questions

  • Is there online payment for paying a claim? Can you please send me information on credit card payments?

    We make it very simple to pay online in a secure easy to use payment processing system. We use PsBill and ETelCharge for Electronic Check processing. Please click here to view your bill online and make payment.

  • How do you ensure that I will receive as much reimbursement as possible for rendered services?

    Before we submit your claims to the proper insurance companies we check and recheck each claim to make sure that all codes are input correctly, and all fields have been filled. Our error-free guarantee enables us to send in claims with virtually no chance of denial or underpayment.

  • In the off chance that my claims get underpaid or denied, what will your company do to resolve this problem?

    While our main focus is to make sure that this never happens, insurance companies have a tendency try and spend as little money as possible in the hopes of increasing their revenue. If a problem like this arises, we will be relentless towards resolving this matter as efficiently as possible.

  • I am not a certified coder, and am not sure if I am choosing the right ICD-9 Codes and CPT Codes to ensure medical necessity?

    Our Medical Billing services provide you with coding review and assistance. We are always staying up to date on the latest coding regulations, and never fall behind on any continued education that is provided by the government and/or insurance companies. This allows us to clean up any mistakes or uncertainties that you may have in terms of coding.

  • My aged receivables are out of control, what will you do to alleviate this problem?

    Out team of account managers dedicate themselves to reviewing your EOB's at length. Based on the negotiated fees that you have setup with the insurance companies, we will make sure that you are never being underpaid or denied. We strive to make sure that your receivables are at a zero balance within a 45 day cycle.

  • Credentializing with insurance companies is very time consuming, do you offer a service for that?

    We provide a full service support team for all your needs. Whether you are adding a provider, starting your practice, or simply updating practice information, our medical billing company is 100% at your service. We provide this service as a courtesy to all of our clients, so you will not be charged.

  • I need to generate all types of reports for my practice, in order to keep track of all financial as well as patient information. Do you provide reports for me to view at my request?

    Our practice management software provides with access to many different types of reports. Patient reports, billing statuses, receivables reports, as well as many other different reports that may be needed. We can generate reports daily, weekly, or monthly, or just simply upon your request.

  • Are you HIPAA Compliant?

    Our company is very committed to making sure that we follow any and all rules regarding your patients privacy. Everything that we do is cross referenced with all HIPAA regulations.

  • Are there any contracts that I need to sign?

    We offer a one year contract for your convenience.