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Medical Billing Specialties We Serve

  • Audiology: You help your patients with their hearing; we'll help you with your audiology office's medical billing!
  • Chiropractic: Helping your patients feel great should be your only concern, so we'll take care of all your billing concerns!
  • Family Medicine: From routine checkups to delivering babies, your office does it all – let us help you with your billing concerns!
  • Neurology: You didn't attend years in medical school to file paperwork and claims – hire us to do your billing concerns for you!
  • Occupational Therapy: You're dedicated to help your patients heal; we're dedicated to help you with your billing duties!
  • Ophthalmology: While you help your patients see well, we'll help you with your billing duties for your ophthalmology office!
  • Pediatric: Helping children is your number one priority; helping you with your pediatric billing concerns is ours!
  • Physical Therapy: Focus on providing remediation for your patients, not processing paperwork and billing reports!
  • Physician Billing: Help us help you help your patients by using our physician billing services!
  • Psychiatry: Put the mental health of your patients first – we'll handle all the medical billing work so you don't have to!
  • Radiology: Leave the billing duties up to us so you can focus on what is really important: diagnosing and helping your patients!
  • Sleep Medicine: You will sleep easy knowing that your medical duties are in good hands with us!

Medical Billing Specialties

When performing important duties regarding medical billing, it is important to realize that each medical specialty requires unique needs. You'll need a high risk merchant account provider and a funding source to help individuals and business owners pay of their debts. Therefore, we have listed each different type of medical specialty so that you can choose the one that fits your practice. Read about each different medical specialty that we offer our services for, and find out how we can help your medical office in a customized way. Whether you're a radiologist or a family practitioner, we guarantee to make your job easier and stress-free by offering our top-of-the-line medical billing services for your specialty!

A List of Medical Billing Specialties

When it comes to audiology medical offices, we do our absolute best to make sure that your medical billing services are completed in an accurate and timely manner. We know how important audiology practices are in treating patients with hearing-related issues, so we strive to do everything we can to allow your medical office to run smoothly and efficiently. From treating hearing loss in adults to auditory problems in young children, we know that your audiology office works around the clock for your patients, so we at Allstate promise to work around the clock for you!


Patients looking to relieve tension in their muscles and joints come to you for help, so why not come to us for help with your medical billing? We will handle everything regarding your medical billing, so you can focus on what is most important – helping your patients. You as chiropractors do it all, including manual therapy, spine manipulation, joint and soft tissue therapy, and treatments involving health and lifestyle counseling. We know that in the midst of all your work with your patients, it is hard to focus on medical billing, so hire Allstate as an outsourced medical biller to help you out!

Family Medicine

Since family physician visits take up one fourth of all medical trips in the United States per year, it is important to us to take care of our country's family practitioners. As family medical practitioners, you do it all, from routine checkups to delivering babies. So, we promise to do it all for you in regard to medical billing! With all the tasks that family medical practices do every day, there is no time to take care of medical billing. Hire Allstate as your medical billing outsourcer, and gain the ability to focus of the important things!


As one of the most essential medical specialties in the world, neurology is based on one of the most important parts of the human body: the nervous system. With all the duties that neurologists are given, including diagnosing and treating diseases involving the autonomic nervous system and the central peripheral, it is no surprise that the time spent focusing on their medical billing is minimal. Relieve the stress and time spent on completing medical billing at your neurology office, and consider outsourcing your medical billing with Allstate!

Occupational Therapy

Concerned with promoting health and well being to their patients, occupational therapists play a huge role in healing and feeling good. Thus, we at Allstate are determined to do everything we can to make your jobs at your occupational therapy offices easier by taking care of all the tedious work that goes into medical billing. We want you to put your energy into healing your patients, not dealing with their paperwork. You and your patients will be in good hands with Allstate – we will do everything in our power to make sure your patients medical files get handled accurately and in a timely manner!


Most people would agree that their ability to see clearly is one of the most important assets in their life, so ophthalmology is a very essential medical specialty. Focusing on the science of the eye, ophthalmologists do it all, including eye exams, operations on the eye, and other tasks that have to do with vision. When it comes to medical billing, then, ophthalmologists often find that they simply do not have the time. That's where we come in! We do perform all your ophthalmology medical billing services correctly and on time every time!


It is a general consensus that a majority of parents put the health of their children at the very top of their priority list, so it is no wonder that pediatricians have a constant flow of young patients every day. From infants to adolescents, pediatric offices handle it all, from checkups to surgeries. We trust you to take care of our children in their time of need, so you should trust us to take care of your medical billing services. We will handle all of your medical billing needs, from generating reports to dealing with medicare and medicaid billing.

Physical Therapy

Trusted to promote remediation of disabilities and impairments, physical therapist are constantly working to help those in need. Helping those with orthopedic injuries, amputees, and other patients with impairments, physical therapists work around the clock to make sure their patients feel the best they can. We at Allstate hope to be there for your physical therapy office in areas that you need help with, including your medical billing duties. We want you to focus on helping your patients heal, so we will handle all your medical billing duties.

Physician Billing

We trust you with all our medical needs, whether it be diagnosis, treatment or surgery, sow why not trust us with your medical billing needs? With numerous patients per day, it is no wonder that a lot of physicians feel as though they are overworked. So, we are here to relieve some of your job duties by taking over all of your medical billing needs. You can count on us to provide all the best services at the lowest price available. We will do what we do best – medical billing – so you can do what you do best – helping your patients.


Psychiatry offices are one of the most important medical offices in America because they are devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists focus on various mental disorders, including affective, behavioral, cognitive and perceptual abnormalities. As psychiatrists, there are so many important duties to complete, and many find that medical billing is just not one that they have time for. You did not attend years of medical school to work on paperwork, so let us handle that! We strive to give the power back to you to focus on only what is important, which is the mental health of your patients.


Radiologists have many important job duties, including conducting x-rays, ultrasounds, computed tomography, MRI's, and other tests to diagnose and treat diseases. The other medical professions can often not even begin their treatment until a radiology office steps in and performs their services first. Therefore, it is important to us at Allstate to make sure that radiologists can focus all of their power on helping patients with their diagnosis techniques, without having to worry about paperwork, reports, billing and insurance companies.

Sleep Medicine

Committed to the diagnosis and therapy of sleep disturbances and disorders, sleep medicine offices focus their power on helping patients obtain what they most desire: a good night's sleep. Since a good sleep is a definite essential in our eyes, we at Allstate is devoted to helping the country's sleep medicine medical office with their medical billing needs. From paperwork to claims processing, we can do it all for your sleep medicine practice, so you can focus on making sure that your patients get a happy and healthy sleep.